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Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres

Honor your immediate family and cherished friends by giving them wedding corsages and boutonnieres to wear for the big day. Traditionally, the parents and/or stepparents as well as the grandparents are given wedding corsages and boutonnieres.

The Difference Between a Wedding Corsage and a Boutonniere



A wedding corsage is a small flower arrangement, typically consisting of one to three large corsage flowers nestled on a bed of greenery and surrounded by smaller blossoms. The corsage is strictly limited to the female members of the wedding guest list.

Types of Corsages

Shoulder Corsage
Typically, corsages are attached to the front of a lady's dress. Magnets are the ideal choice as dresses can be damaged from the insertion of a straight pin. The placement of the corsage should be in between the breast and shoulder. A wedding corsage is attached to the left side of the lady, so it is placed over her heart as a symbol of love.

Wrist Corsage
For a spring or summer wedding, when spaghetti-style dress straps are in season, wrist corsages are a better choice. Wrist corsages have an elastic band attached to the bottom side, and are worn on the wrist as a bracelet. This style is also more suitable for younger guests who are more likely to pull and perhaps damage a shoulder corsage.

The wedding boutonniere, which is translated from the French word meaning buttonhole, is either one small to medium size flower or a trio of small flowers worn by male attendees.


Types of Boutonniere

Single versus Multiple Flowers
The traditional boutonniere features a single medium-size flower pinned to the lapel of a man's suit jacket. However, you can also form a boutonniere using a trio of small flowers. The stems of boutonnieres can also be trimmed with a colorful ribbon to coordinate with the bridal party colors.

Wreath Boutonniere
A circle shaped boutonniere called a wreath boutonniere is made by stringing small flowers around a circular piece of wire that runs through the center of each flower. The wreath shape is a more modern approach to a boutonniere.


Options for Corsages and Boutonnieres

Keepsake Embellishments—Add keepsakes, such as miniature framed photos or crystal-covered figurines, to the corsages and boutonnieres for guests to keep as mementoes.

Guest Bridal Boutonnieres—Fill a bowl with single flowers to be used as boutonnieres. Add a small dish of decorative straight pins along with a note for each guest to take one and wear it for the wedding. This is a nice way to give each person a small token of appreciation while adorning your entire wedding in a uniform color.

Spring Nests—For a spring wedding, create corsages and boutonnieres that look like birds' nests, with raffia shells filled with artificial bird eggs and surrounded by flower sprigs.

Fall Foliage Inspiration—Incorporate leaves, twigs, and nuts alongside orange, purple and yellow flowers to create corsages and boutonnieres that are perfect for a fall wedding.

Personalized Arrangements—Add a strip of ribbon with the names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date around the stem of the wedding corsages and bridal boutonnieres. Or, ask your florist to engrave the petals of the corsage flowers with the names and date.


Guide to Choosing Wedding Corsages and/or Bridal Boutonnieres

  • Begin by selecting flowers that are similar or identical to the flowers used for the bridal bouquet.
  • Decide whether you are interested in the traditional corsage and boutonniere styles, or if your wedding style would be better accommodated with more modern versions (i.e. wrist corsages and wreath boutonnieres).
  • Coordinate how you will attach the arrangements to guests, whether it be during a special ceremony before the wedding or a simple hand-out at the dress rehearsal. If choosing the latter, make sure to give guests careful instructions for keeping the pieces fresh and attaching them properly.

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