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  Guide for Choosing Wedding
Flower Centerpieces
• Types and colors.  Choose the types and colors of flowers that you want to showcase in your centerpieces. Consider what flowers will be in season as you make your decision. Pick one or two types of flowers that will be used in each of the centerpieces to maintain a unified vision for your wedding. It is always a good idea to have back-up options for flowers, especially if your wedding is six months to a year away. This will help you keep your wedding centerpieces on target in case there is some sort of natural disaster or other emergency regarding flower harvests.

• Size.
  Arrange centerpieces depending on the size of the space. For instance, for a large area or wider open space, tall flower centerpieces focus the eye vertically. This makes the space appear more inviting without adding too many distracting details. For a smaller venue, choose full flowered arrangements that are short and compact. Stay with one or two colors of flowers in a smaller space so the guests aren't overwhelmed with “busy” or “loud” centerpieces.

• Container/ Vase.
 Consider the look of the container for the centerpieces. When deciding on the centerpieces that will be placed on reception tables, in particular, choose floral vases and containers that add visual interest to the arrangement. Since the centerpieces are eye level and will be admired up close, you will want to make them interesting from top to bottom.

Elegant flower centerpieces are the star decorative touch of any wedding venue. These floral arrangements give the event a burst of energy through the vivid coloring, textural design, and fresh floral scent. Most weddings are remembered as much for their great use of flowers as they are for the ceremony itself! See Martha Stewart for great photos of wedding centerpieces.

Here are some key places to include wedding centerpieces:

Wedding Flower Centerpieces: Rose Charm Table Accessory
Rose Charm Table Accessory

Ceremonial Stage or Altar

Every eye will be on the bride and groom as they exchange vows on a ceremonial stage or at an altar. Take advantage of this focal point when choosing your wedding flower centerpieces. Keep the arrangement simple with the use of one or two colors of flowers. Incorporate candles into the centerpiece to add romantic lighting to the ceremony. One type of tall arrangement that looks beautiful next to the altar is a tall candelabrum that contains a floral centerpiece in the center of a circle of tapered candles. For a church wedding, ask the clergy if it there are any rules concerning decorations before adorning the altar as some churches do not permit the use of flower centerpieces on the altar. More tips on floral arrangements can be found on About.Com.


Rows and rows of benches can become boring without a touch of color. Wedding flower centerpieces arranged in containers, such as baskets and cones, for instance, can be hung over the ends of benches for an interesting and eye-catching touch. Other types of centerpieces include pomander balls, flowers arranged in a tightly formed ball and tied onto the ends of benches using ribbon.

Montreal Wedding Flowers: Golden Garden Centerpiece
Golden Garden Centerpiece

Reception Area

After the wedding, guests will gather in a reception area for the remainder of the event. Tables are set up for serving food, and typically a dance floor is reserved in the center of the space. Without the use of tabletop wedding centerpieces, this space becomes dull long before the end of the event. Each table should feature a wedding flower centerpiece that is appropriate for the size of the venue and the colors of the wedding décor. Here are some general guidelines for making the reception area appealing using floral centerpieces:

  • In a smaller space, add short, compact arrangements to each table.
  • Use larger, more flamboyant centerpieces for a massive area, especially if it features high vaulted ceilings.
  • For a long rectangular table that seats dozens of guests, line the center of the table with several smaller centerpieces that are identical. This way guests can see across the table easily, and the multiple centerpieces will create a cohesive look.



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