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  A Guide to Choosing Wedding Bouquets
• Colors. Start by deciding what colors you are using for the overall wedding scheme. Choose flower colors that contrast or compliment the wedding colors. For example, for a wedding with an orange and brown color scheme, you can use purple flowers to give a pop of color, or go with complimentary white flowers to soften the orange and brown décor.

• Type. Make a list of your most desired flowers. Decide on one to three flowers to use as a focal point for each bouquet. For most brides, these select flowers are typically more expensive, often exotic and larger blossoms selected for their ability to create a unique atmosphere for the wedding. Once you’ve chosen these pricier flowers, choose less expensive, smaller flowers (e.g. white baby's breath or miniature rosebuds for rose wedding bouquets) to fill in the spaces in your wedding bouquets. Another alternative for wedding bouquets is to use a mix of seasonal wild flowers.

• Season.
Ask your florist about the seasonal availability of certain flowers. This information will help you choose the perfect flowers for your specific wedding date. For example, for a fall wedding, choose flowers and foliage that are available during the autumn season such as orange, red, and purple flowers and colorful leaves to accent fall bouquets. Spring weddings are the most popular because of the wide variety of flowers on the market during this time of year. For a winter wedding, you can always use rose wedding bouquets, as roses are available year round in a plethora of shades.
Wedding Bouquets - Love Everlasting Bouquet
Love Everlasting Bouquet

The Different Uses of Bouquets at a Wedding

Wedding bouquets are for more than just the bride. Most of your bridal party should also have a bouquet. Learn more about the different ways you can use wedding bouquets on your big day.

Bridal Bouquet

A bridal bouquet is the splash of color that brightens and accents the bride's white gown. There are several forms of bridal bouquets on the market including posy, cascading, and crescent bouquets. Choose a bridal bouquet to fit your style and shape. Allow the bouquet to accent your wedding attire rather than distract the audience's attention. For most brides, the most popular bouquets are rose wedding bouquets, as roses are universally accepted as the most romantic of all flowers.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Every bridesmaid should have a bouquet to carry with her down the aisle. The bridesmaid bouquet is a smaller bouquet. You can use the same flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets as you choose for the bride's bouquet. Or, for a nonconventional twist, design the bridesmaid bouquets using each bridesmaid's favorite flowers. Bridesmaid bouquets using all of the same shade but different varieties of flowers add a layer of interest to the décor.

Wedding Bouquets - Flower Girl Bouquet
Fresh Picked
Flower Girl Bouquet

Flower Girl Bouquet

The flower girl is often asked to spread flower petals in her wake. However, she should also have a wedding bouquet to hold at the altar. Consider an alternative to the traditional bouquet such as a box bouquet or kissing ball bouquet which will be easier for a young lady to carry as she performs her flower girl duties. A wreath bouquet placed on the head is the ideal alternative wedding bouquet for the youngest of flower girls. See other ideas for wedding flower arrangements.

Ideas for Unique Bouquets

Cone Bouquet

A wedding with a country theme will be perfectly complemented by a cone bouquet. Fashioned in a cone-shaped basket that is carried by the handle, this style adds a natural touch, especially when using a twig or wicker basket. For fall wedding bouquets, choose a cone bouquet that can be carried in a cornucopia-inspired basket—the perfect choice for a harvest season event.

Pomander Bouquet

Ball-shaped pomander bouquets give a wedding party a whimsical touch. A pomander bouquet is formed in a tightly gathered bunch, and a handle is crafted from ribbon or a string of pearl beads. A small pomander bouquet tied around the wrist of a flower girl is a clever alternative to the hand-held bouquet. Bridesmaids and even brides can carry an elegant pomander for a modern twist on the traditional floral pieces.



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