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Planning a Montreal Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a full-time job. Even if you have hired a wedding planner, you will still need to be around for taste-testings, meetings with your officiant and approving everything from your flower choices to your amuse-bouches! We have created a list with short descriptions of the major items you will need to focus on when planning a Montreal wedding. Remember, this list is non-exhaustive!

Prepare a guest list and invitations
Planning a Montreal WeddingThis will play a huge part in your overall budget as well as in selecting final locations for your wedding. You won’t be able to fit 200 guests in a hall seating a maximum of 100 people. Also, your invitations will be the first impression to set the tone for your wedding, so be sure to design them accordingly.

Choose a date and theme
Do you want to be a winter or summer bride? Or perhaps you would love your wedding photos to include lovely scenery with leaves falling from the trees? You will also need to select a theme…it can simply be a set of colours or perhaps ideas based on something personal like a country you have traveled to or a favorite movie you share with your significant other.

Find your venues (ceremony and reception) and book your officiant
Maybe you’ve decided to hold both events in the same venue! There are plenty of places in Montreal that allow you to do so such as Auberge Saint Gabriel in Old Montreal.

Choose your caterer
Many locations such as in hotel reception halls and restaurants will of course have their own caterer on-site. You will also need to decide on a wedding cake!

Select your florist
Popular flower arrangements for weddings in Montreal (and other places) include vendella roses and hydrangeas. However you will need to consider what season you are getting married in and what flowers will be available at that time. When looking at a budget for your floral arrangements, don’t forget that there are quite a few flower items in the list aside from your reception table centerpieces. You will need flowers to decorate not only the tables but also the venue if you choose (this will take up the majority of your flower budget – let’s say 55%). Other flowers will be needed to decorate wherever the ceremony will be held (12%). Your wedding party will all need flowers to match hand in hand with your wedding theme (14% for bridesmaids, 7% on your bouquet, 5% on boutonnieres, 5% on corsages, 1% on a flower girl’s basket, and 1% on your tossing bouquet – can’t forget that one!).

Obtain any documentation
You will definitely need to gather together paperwork such as birth certificates, permits, passports, and travel insurance. Be sure to give yourself adequate time in advance if you need to order any of these items!

Find THE dress (and a tux!) as well as shoes, accessories and rings
Don’t forget that these shopping excursions should be a memorable experience. Visit Montreal stores that have reputations for quality service such as Waxman Tuxedo House or Vania Spose. Don’t be shy to negotiate dress prices!

Select a makeup artist
Local stores may be willing to offer a free make up session in exchange for the purchase of products. Be sure to set a practice date to be sure the makeup artist understands your style. Or, quite simply, do it yourself!

Go shopping for wedding party dresses and suits (oh! but choose your wedding party first)

Hopefully you can find these dresses in the same location where you find your wedding dress and your husband-to-be’s tux!

Decide on a DJ or musicians
Be sure to speak with your DJ about what services he provides. Does he simply play music or will he also be your emcee during your reception? Provide him with a list of all of your favorite tunes and what to play when.

Find a decorator
Be sure that your decorator is aware of all safety measures that you need to abide by, especially when using decorations such as wall coverings and lighting.

Book your wedding transport
You have to decide whether you wish to be chauffered around in a traditional limousine or prefer to drive your own car.

Hire a photographer/videographer
One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a photographer/videographer is whether or not the company will provide you with the rights to your photos/video. If it’s really important to you to keep your images so you can re-print them on your own, be sure to ask your photographer if they will sell you the actual rights to own the photos. Ask for references because you want a professional who knows how to work with all types of personalities come your wedding day!  Also clarify the locations and whether photos at the reception are included.

Plan your honeymoon!
Shop around online for deals and discounts. If you’re not travel savvy and don’t feel comfortable with online shopping, ask for help from a travel agent who shouldn’t charge for his services since they are generally paid by hotels and wholesalers (but do your homework first!).

Last but not least, remember that once the big day comes, it’s important to try to have fun and enjoy the beautiful day! All of the hard work of planning your wedding  will pay off and you will have a dream wedding.



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