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How to Choose Bridal Flowers for Your Wedding
One of the most critical parts of planning a wedding is deciding what kind of bridal flowers to use. From favored blooms that garner the most attention to those chosen for their exotic feel, you will want to choose flowers that set your wedding apart from the rest. No matter what your personality and style, you should stick to your instincts when choosing the flowers to use for your bridal party. For instance, if you are more of a traditionalist, wedding flowers such as roses or tulips will best suit your expectations. If you prefer the exotic, ask for tropical flowers such as orchids and bird of paradise that will make a bold statement.
As you set forth in deciding which type of bridal flowers to choose, you'll need to be realistic.

Some Considerations For Selecting Bridal Flowers
Get Organized
You will need to get organized as you begin to select the flowers for your wedding. While the bridal bouquet is hardly ever forgotten, what about the bridesmaids' bouquets? And you will also want to include boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen, as well as corsages for the female family members. Do you have a flower girl and ring bearer? They will each need flower arrangements suitable for their age levels—you don't want to give a heavy, full bouquet to a five-year-old, for instance. You will need to decide who will be in your wedding party, what color dresses and suits they will be wearing including the family members, and what color your wedding décor will be—all before you decide which flowers to order.

Bridal bouquet
Bridesmaids' bouquets
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Wedding centerpieces

Time Constraints
While some brides may have a year to plan their wedding, others don’t have nearly as much time. If you are short on time—say you only have a month to get everything in order—you will need someone to help you as you select your bridal flowers. You are going to have more than you can handle with choosing your wedding gown, the venue, and other details such as the flavour of the wedding cake and planning your honeymoon, of course. Therefore, be sure to find someone you can trust to help you decide which bridal flowers to choose. If you do have at least a year to plan, set a timetable that establishes when you will have decided what bridal flowers to use. This way, you will keep yourself organized and on schedule rather than procrastinating.

For some people, budget may be the deciding factor for floral selections while for other brides price is not an issue. Identify what your bridal flower budget is, if applicable, before you start choosing your flowers. This way, you can be realistic when choosing the types of flowers you will be able to use in your wedding. If you realize your dream flowers are going to exceed your price point, consider cutting back in other areas of the wedding or choosing less expensive bridal flowers.

Bridal Flowers

Bridesmaid Flowers
While the bride's bouquet is at the top of most brides’ floral requests, the bridesmaids' flowers often take the backseat. However, bridesmaid bouquets are seen most by the guests during the wedding ceremony, and therefore should be given as much consideration as the bridal bouquet. The first thing you need to consider when choosing bridesmaid flowers is the number of bridesmaids you are having in your wedding party. Also, don't forget to include the maid or maiden of honor in this count.

Choose bridesmaid flowers according to your preference with consideration for the style of dress and size of each bridesmaid. If your bridesmaids range in size and age, customize the type of bridesmaid bouquet for each lady. You can also choose to give each bridesmaid different kinds of flowers, but keep the color palette of each bouquet the same for a cohesive floral collection.



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