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Love is in the Air - Bridal Bouquet
Love is in the Air
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When deciding on the flowers to include in your bridal bouquet, you may become overwhelmed with the vast floral selection. However, over the years, florists have discovered that certain flowers are more suited for bridal bouquets than others. For instance, some flowers are more appropriate for carrying down the aisle because of their stability and form. Other flowers are chosen most frequently because of their pleasant smell or year-round availability.

Here are the most popular flower choices for bridal bouquets:


Roses are considered the flower of romance, which defines the most common theme of a wedding. While red is symbolic of love, you can find roses in almost every color of the rainbow. Look for roses that are hybrids, which feature a multi-toned hue.


Tulips are known as the flower of “consuming love” as well as the “happy years,” making these flowers another desirable choice for weddings. They are especially appropriate for spring weddings as tulips bloom in Montreal in the spring. The sturdy stem of tulips, which is thorn-free unlike roses, is ideal for using in a bouquet.


The full blossom of hydrangeas is an excellent choice for bouquets, as you can use a single large bloom for a more cost effective arrangement. Hydrangeas are also scentless which makes this an attractive choice for strong-nosed bridal parties.

As you decide which flowers to use in your bouquet, one of the most essential things to remember is seasonal availability. You will need to select the flowers that are in-season at the time of your wedding.


Whimsical Lisianthus Bouquet - Montreal Wedding Flowers
Whimsical Llisianthus Bouquet
Jules d’Alcantara Florists – Montreal

Here are some of the more popular Montreal flowers only available seasonally:

  • Peonies are desirable for wedding bouquets, but are only in-season from late spring through early summer.
  • Amaryllis, also known as the belladonna lily or naked lady, is a light pink variegated flower that is available during the winter months.
  • Tulips are seasonally available in the spring when you can find them grown locally. You can also import these flowers at a higher cost during the rest of the year.
  • For fall, look for vibrant Chinese lantern plants that feature bright orange and vivid red, paper-thin pedals surrounding a fruit-filled center.

The bridal bouquet should be the floral focal point for any bride. Colors and types of flowers create an image for the bride. Choose flowers for your bridal bouquet that presents the appropriate tone and style.

Here are a few of the most common colors of flowers:


White is the most commonly used flower for bouquets. Use white to compliment any other color of flower and to fill the spaces with texture without overpowering the color palette.


This relaxing color creates a calming mood for a wedding. Blue flowers are best suited for boutonnieres and other male-centered floral pieces.


Known for its regal air, purple is a common flower color for weddings. No matter what season, a purple bloom can add a contrasting punch of color to almost any color scheme.


Bridal Bouquet
Bridal Bouquet
Jules d’Alcantara Florists – Montreal

A list of popular wedding color schemes:

Black and White:

A black and white color scheme for a wedding allows you to add pops of color through your floral pieces. This scheme works best when the black and white décor is highlighted by blossoms from every spectrum of the rainbow.

Brown and Orange:

When you have a wedding during the fall, a pastel color scheme is not appropriate. This color scheme works best with the colors of in-season flowers, including fall foliage. Consider adding a touch of purple, a contrasting flower color that is ideal for a brown and orange color scheme.


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