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Montreal Wedding FlowersPlanning for an event as special as a wedding is a major task in the life of any bride-to-be. As you plan this special day, you will no doubt want to create a cohesive wedding theme that has a recognizable style all your own. This will allow your personality to shine and give it a personal and memorable flair. As you create your to-do list for your big day, wedding flowers will undoubtedly be at the top of the list, following the venue and your all-important dress, of course. Since flowers are such an important part of your wedding’s overall atmosphere, you don’t want to use just any flowers for your arrangements.

Here are some tips for choosing the most appropriate flowers for your Montreal wedding

Size: You will want to carry a bouquet of wedding flowers that enhances your beauty and best assets. Choose a size for your bouquet that compliments your body shape. For a petite bride, consider a sheath arrangement where you will hold an arrangement cradled over one arm rather than centered in front of your frame. If you are a taller bride, select a round and long-stemmed posy bouquet, one of the most popular bridal arrangements. Conversely, a fuller figured bride will be best suited with a large bouquet that compliments her size.

Color: The color of the flowers must coordinate with the theme of the wedding. Most brides choose a color palette for their floral pieces that focuses on one or two colors. The flowers set the tone for the rest of the wedding party as bridal gowns, invitations and décor are all based on these colors. You can also choose multiple colors for your flowers, such as those that will set the tone for a more natural wedding party featuring wild Montreal wedding flowers. Another example would be a tropical theme wedding where the décor is focused on floral pieces featuring exotic blooms.

Here is a list of the most popular floral pieces for weddings:


A bridal bouquet is the most common floral arrangement used at weddings. There are several styles of bouquets including posy, round, sheath and cascading. Most bridal parties include bouquets for the brides’ maids and maidens to hold during the event as well. These bouquets are smaller and less elaborate than the bridal bouquet. Montreal wedding flowers offer the perfect solution for all your bouquet needs.


To achieve the wedding of your dreams, you will need to bring your venue to life, and Montreal wedding flower centerpieces add vibrant colors and fresh smells to any venue. If you are tying the knot in a large space such as a church, for instance, you will need to have several oversize arrangements that complement the space. In your reception area, you may want to include a centerpiece on the table alongside the wedding cake. Also, if you have individual dining tables for guests, floral centerpieces placed in the center add an instant splash of color to the space.


A corsage is a small arrangement pinned to the shoulder or breast that is typically worn by the relatives of the bride and groom including mothers, grandmothers and aunts. A wristlet is a type of corsage that is worn around the wrist with an elastic band, and is ideal for ladies with sensitivities to flowers. Typically, a corsage includes one to three full-size blossoms that coordinate with the colors of the wedding flowers. Smaller flowers, as well as foliage, are nestled around the flower to create a small arrangement.


Boutonnieres are similar to corsages in that they are pinned to the lapel or breast of a shirt. However, this type of floral piece is worn by the men in the bride and groom’s family including fathers, grandfathers, and uncles. The groomsmen will also wear a boutonniere. Boutonnieres are less elaborate than a corsage, and typically include only one full size blossom, and a small amount of foliage.



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